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Home Visit

When you book an At-Home Consult, we drive to your place anywhere in Ottawa. Our veterinary technician and veterinarian will perform a full health assessment on your pet (or pets!). Based on the general physical and neurological exams, we might recommend diagnostic tests, for example, blood work or ultrasound. The majority of the results will be available during this appointment. We provide the necessary treatments and medications as well. Suppose we cannot address the problem entirely; we might recommend transferring your pet to a partner clinic or a 24/7 hospital.

Telemedicine Consult

We recommend a telemedicine consult for re-checks and general inquiries about dietary management or medication refills. In addition, we could perform a thorough visual inspection of your per during such an appointment. Occasionally we might recommend a follow-up At-Home Consultation to address your pet's health concern fully.

Diagnostic tests

Our Clinic-on-Wheels carries a set of IDEXX diagnostic analyzers, one of the most trusted brands in the veterinary medicine industry. Our mobile laboratory allows us to offer Immediate ON-SITE testing and diagnosis. In addition, we have access to various complementary diagnostics through the IDEXX Reference Laboratory. Moreover, we offer Point-of-Care Ultrasound with Artificial Intelligence support to ensure accurate diagnostic and sampling. If your pet needs radiography, we will transfer them to our partner clinic and bring them back safely home afterwards. Moreover, we offer complete eye exams, including IOP measurements.


We are a veterinary clinic carrying all medications, vaccines, diets, and medical supplements. You will not leave your home for any of these. We even deliver these if you run out and need a refill; upon request!

Comfort care

We know that saying goodbye to your pet is the hardest decision. We will be with you and your pet on this journey to cherish all the loving memories and assist in their peaceful passing. Your pet will be in the lovely environment they are used to, surrounded by people who love them.


We can perform minor surgeries and procedures in our Clinic-on-Wheels, for example, wound repairs or treatment of urinary obstruction. We always provide oxygen supplementation and fluid therapy during our operations to minimize risks. In addition, we have a 6-parameter monitoring system to ensure proper sedation and recovery. We also offer transport to our partner clinic or a 24/7 veterinary hospital for more advanced surgeries. The Safety of Your Pet is Our Priority.


Do not worry about unexpected emergencies! We will be there for you! We will transport your pet to the emergency hospital and perform the initial stabilization en route (Ottawa ONLY)

Why choose us?

I know how hard it is to get to your family veterinarian these days. Going to the vet is hard for both the pet and the pet parents, mainly when “Winter Is Coming!” Also, I have worked as an emergency veterinarian for several years, and I understand the frustration of the long waiting times in the hospital. So, I will bring the vet clinic to your home, your pet’s favourite place!
Dr. Amin Nozari (DVM, PhD)